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Application Integration using ESB for standards and reuse

The need to process large amounts of data, to monitor the increasing accuracy your information and the use of cloud services are reasons to use more innovative forms of integration The explosion of business data in general and within your company puts more pressure on your organization to deliver unrestricted sharing of data and business processes. Application integration plays an important role in breaking down the so-called information silos within your company, so that the right data gets to the right consumer at the right time.

As organizations embrace services known as cloud computing, it is logical that the integration solutions must change. Through the introduction of cloud computing the boundaries in the business-to-business applications become blurred. In this new environment, IT resources are no longer kept only in house. If you have no method for integrating a large number of platforms, data sources and applications, both inside and outside your enterprise, then you experience disadvantages in terms of keeping accurate information and in doing business with your partners.

Application Integration allows you to integrate applications, data and systems across functional, business, and geographical boundaries.


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